Thursday, 17 June 2010


Here's the extended version of Iain from The Northern Monkey in Leeds' piece in the current fanzine. We couldn't fit all the answers in the issue, so here they are...

TNBC: What team do you support?
IAIN: Leeds United.

TNBC: How's the season been treating you?
IAIN: Like a great night out in your favourite bar with your favourite people drinking free booze absorbing the amazing vibe and then walking outside and getting knocked over by a bus and then being carried back into the bar to carry on the party.

TNBC: First football match you ever went to?
IAIN: Crystal Palace at home in the FA Cup mid 70s, we were top of the old Division One and they were in Division 2 or 3. We lost. I should have known then the life of pain that awaited me.

TNBC: Last top awayday?
IAIN: The last TRULY top away game has to be Jan 3rd in the FA Cup. Nobody needs me to say against who and where – it was a long time coming but worth every minute.

TNBC: Jackets or trainers?
IAIN: Tough one, I hate going out without a jacket even when the weather is nice but also love my trainers so I’m going to be a LibDem and sit on the fence and say both.

TNBC: Last purchased jacket or trainers?
IAIN: I bought a really nice One True Saxon summer jacket last week – but I also bought a new pair of blue Samba’s so again, a bit of both!

TNBC: First item of cherished designer gear?
IAIN: My first ever pair of black/white Adidas Sambas – I think up until I got them in about 82 I always wore whatever were bought for me – I washed a lot of cars to be able to afford those and I finally felt like I’d “arrived”.

TNBC: Favourite brand?
IAIN: Adidas

TNBC: What was your first gig?
IAIN: Adam and the Ants – Leeds Queens Hall around 1981/82 – still ranks as one of the best gigs I ever went to – not ashamed to say it, what a show that man could put on.

TNBC: Best ever gig?
IAIN: I have to say it was New Order and Moby in a place called Mountain View in Northern California in 2001. Unbelievable night and full of English lads showing the Yanks how to enjoy a gig. Closely followed by Tom Hingley here in The Northern Monkey!

TNBC: Top three bands of all time?
IAIN: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Wedding Present.

TNBC: What's getting the airtime on your iPod/ghettoblaster at the moment?
IAIN: The Cheek, Exit Calm, Assemblage 23, Two Door Cinema Club, White Rose Movement, Local Natives and The Domino State are all getting plenty of airtime at the moment – play them in the bar constantly but loads of good stuff out at the moment.

TNBC: First record you bought?
IAIN: I’m going to get slaughtered but honesty is the best policy – Under The Moon Of Love, Showaddywaddy!

TNBC: Last gig you went to? Any good?
IAIN: The Sunshine Underground at The Faversham and they were amazing as always – although by the time you read this, it will have been Charlatans Some Friendly gig in Blackpool on May 15th – and I’m sure it will have been a stonker!

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